5DSR vs 5D3 quick detail comparison

I’m currently producing a video review of the new Canon 5DSR, in which I compare it to the 5D3 to see how much more detail the £3K you will be paying for 5DSR gives you!

Here is a shot of a microSD card in our Swarovski cabinet. I took the same shot of the scene on both cameras, using identical exposure settings, both on a tripod with the same lens.

Here is the 5DSR shot (click to see full size):

5DSR Review-1


And the 5D3 shot (click to see full size):

5DSR Review-5


And a very close up crop of both images (click to see full size):



The top half is the 5DSR and the bottom the 5D3. As you can see, there isn’t much in it! Look out for our full video review coming soon.

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