The World’s Best Cameras for Gents (according to our staff)

Leica Q_Atmosphere

Everyone is a snapper now. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, everyone is sharing their lives through visuals today.  It’s time to upgrade your visual diary to ‘iconic’ though. We asked our […]

Fujifilm latest firmware updates

What To Expect with Fujifilm’s Latest Firmware Updates By now its common knowledge that Fujifilm are famous for bringing the best functionality to X Series equipment through firmware updates. Today […]

Fujifilm announce 2x Teleconverter for X Mount Lenses

Fujifilm today announced its new Fujinon Teleconverter XF 2x TC WR, a teleconverter that extends the reach of X mount telephoto lenses. The high-performance teleconverter multiplies the focal length of […]