Castle Cameras at the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride 2013

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Thanks to all those who took part in the 2013 Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride and a special mention to the friends and family of Castle Cameras who volunteered their time to capture the event in photographs.

We took a slightly different approach this year and opted to photograph riders after they had completed their chosen distance.

The Castle Cameras photo tent at the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride

Our home away from home, the photo tent. This was actually at the end of the day but here we all are. Racheal, Brian, Sarah, Luke, Hugh and James. Celebrating another fine year supporting the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride.

David Gower at the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride

Cricket star David Gower has been a part of the Macmillan Bike Ride for years. Here he is dropping the flag for the start.

The start of the 100 mile ride at the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride

The longer distance rides were exceptionally popular, here is the start of the 100 and 60 mile courses.

The Castle Cameras boys line up for the start of the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride

The boys posed for a test shot before setting off for their 60 mile jaunt around Dorset. Of all our customers only one, Rich, was silly enough to agree to our challenge. From left to right: Rich, James, Luke and Hugh.

Sarah from Castle Cameras smiles for the camera

The lovely Sarah came out to be our photographer for the day. Snapping photos in 30 degree heat turned out to be quite fun, actually.

Dorset Girl Guides helping out at the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride

Racheal’s Girl Guides came out in force to support the efforts. A huge thank you to you all. The girls offered vital refreshment and refuel after the hot, hot rides as well as directing the riders to the photo tent.

The Castle Cameras boys completed their ride at the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride

The boys arrived some time later, slightly warmer, slightly lighter and a whole lot closer. Luckily they lined up in the same order as the last photo.

Looking ahead to the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride 2014

Now we just have to look forward to next year.

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