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As a company dedicated to making photography fun, a big part of that is getting to know us. We (after all) are the ones talking to you and getting to know you, so why not return the favour! Each month I will interview my colleagues to give a bit of insight into the person behind the counter. Just a bit of fun, but that’s what we’re all about!


RUSSELL LOVE (aka – Lord Love or Russ)


What about photography interests you?

I like winning competitions and beating Alice. I just like making nice pictures.


What do you like to do outside of taking photos?

Seeing friends, making videos (see link) Golf and having the constant battle with my dad about where the toaster should live.


Is there a particular style of photography you like?

Astro photography.


Does anyone/anything inspire you?



What camera equipment do you own?

I have the A7R and a Canon 24mm f2.8 FD.


Has working at Castle Cameras improved or inspired your photography?

Yes. By learning more about the technical side of photography. By being around cameras all the time, talking to colleagues and being able to borrow the equipment.


How do you get to work?

I ride a golden unicorn. (in other words, my mums bike)


When and where is your next holiday? Are you taking your camera?

I can’t decide whether to take my camera as I want to take photos but don’t want to constantly worry that it might get stolen when I leave it on the beach to go skinny dipping.


Film or digital and why?

Digital cos its 2017. I don’t have time.


Name one thing you enjoy about your job and one thing you would change?

I like playing with cameras and talking to interesting people.
I would like to have more time to create more videos!


Here are some of Russ’s photos. He primarily focusses on astro photography (see his photos here) but he does take occasional photos of his cats from time to time and exploring abandoned places!

DSC08478 DSC08618

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