More on the More Bus Bournemouth Airshow 2010

Bournemouth Tourism have confirmed the dates for this years exciting More Bus Bournemouth Airshow! The event will be held for the third year running from the 19th – 22nd August 2010!

The decision to host a third Air Festival was made by the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board, the organisation that brings together the town’s trade and Council. Led by Chairman Alex Carter, Managing Director of Wilts and Dorset, the dates have been confirmed for 19th – 22nd August 2010.

“We have without a doubt achieved our key objectives for this year, which was to build on last year’s success and cement the reputation of the Bournemouth Air Festival as the biggest and best free aviation event in the UK – I think it’s fair to say that now, the event is unlike anything worldwide. It is a credit to everyone who gets involved, making it such an incredible success – if it was a paid event, it would be a sell out”

Now if that’s not enough to get you interested I just don’t know what is! With this date now firmly in our minds you can expect to be hearing more and more about it in the lead up! Last year we managed to get a group of our customers to spend the day with us over the event and some of their images are up on our official airshow page.

Should you have any images of your own from the 2009 event and fancy having them displayed within this blog please feel free to drop me an e-mail with either the image attatched or even a link to a flickr or other photo sharing site.

E-mails to

I’ll be doing my best to keep this updated as we go along and, of course, will credit each individual.

Here are some of the highlights from last years event from Bournemouth Air’s YouTube page.

Thanks for reading.

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