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Gossen Sixtomat F2 review

Gossen Sixtomat


We have begun to stock a new range of light meters. Essential for not just the studio photographers out there, but with added features for landscape and portrait photographers too.

Measuring ambient, incident flash and reflected light readings, the Gossen Sixtomat F2 is the swiss army knife of light-meters.

It has the ability to pre-select the aperture you need to create the desired depth of field and then take a meter reading from there to determine the shutter speed required for first time exposure accuracy, every time. With 1/10 stop accuracy for measurement and the ability to check the contrast range within your subject, you can be sure that your image will be exactly as you expect, removing any guesswork or trial & error.

For the studio the Sixtomat F2 can be operated in either corded flash mode or un corded flash mode, dependant on your requirements and to create greater depth of field in your subject, multiple exposure calculations can be achieved in the meter without needing a reference chart or scale.

When shooting with fill in flash for creative effect the Sixtomat F2 can display the ratio between flash and ambient light, ensuring that your flash equipment is set up to produce exactly the result you imagined.

The Sixtomat F2 even excels at night and can be used to determine exposure levels for up to 60 minutes making it ideal for creating star-scape images, panoramas and night scenes.

The Gossen Sixtomat F2 is available now from Castle Cameras for £149.

Studio workshop day 21st November 2014

Last week we held our first studio workshop day at our Salisbury studio. Photographer Stuart Moore was on hand to give advice and inspiration to our delegates and luckily we had the lovely model Sarah to give our customers a pretty face to photograph, otherwise they would have been stuck with me :O

Awesome test shot of me by Stuart Moore 😉

Pentax supported our workshop by bringing along their fabulous Pentax 645D medium format camera, perfectly suited for this style of photography. Stuart talked the delegates through the fundamentals of studio photography including the use of a light meter, the often overlooked essential accessory which ensures great exposures every time.

light metering

The day consisted of four different light set ups including High Key, the ever popular choice with families, dark backgrounds for atmospheric portraits, a beauty setup which will reveal fine detail and create flattering head shots and the awesome Ring flash which creates a very editorial look often seen in magazines.

The delegates loved getting behind the viewfinder of the mighty 645D, experimenting with the different light setups and interacting with Sarah.

After a break for lunch Stuart reviewed each of our delegate’s images, demonstrating some workflow techniques and offering tips on getting the most out of Lightroom.

We were then joined by Toby from Fotospeed, who talked through colour profiles and getting your images ready for printing. We then moved onto printing our delegates edited images. The finished results look incredible and the prints were a great way to show off all of the skills our customers learnt.

We had a fantastic day and everyone went away happy. A big thanks to Stuart Moore for his fabulous insights and tuition, Sarah for being an absolute champion model and of course Pentax and Fotospeed for their great support in making this event a success! We will poking to run more of these Studio Workshops throughout 2014 so be sure to check our events section on our website to keep up to date with everything we are up to at Castle Cameras.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the great final images shot by our customers at the workshop.







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